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Survived Hell Week

I survived.

Working 8 straight days of security, collecting a lot of overtime but also not having any time to really relax and recuperate has left me exhausted.

But i’m on to new things.

New work assignment, new work schedule and a three day weekend to celebrate moving onto my new work journey.

I don’t work again until 7 pm Wednesday night (Central Time).

So, over the next few days I will continue the work on the three previous stories mentioned in another post, I will also attempt to continue posting here on WordPress, though I do not know what time yet. I like to post at a consistent time and have found success in the past doing it that way.

At the moment it looks like the time will be between 730 AM and 10 AM but once I get use to this new schedule, things will get a ton easier.

So, for now, I press on with my stories. Two of which I am writing, The other I am planning (This one will take a while to plan since the story is so expansive).

I said previously that I wanted to post a story on here but I’m not a hundred percent sure at the moment.

I could post it on here but I may reach a bigger audience if I self – publish it for free, which is what I intended with the story and why I wanted to post it on here but I don’t know.

Look out for future updates on writing, due to the new schedule I can’t go asleep until at least 8 AM tomorrow, that’s currently a little more than twenty hours to write.

I’m going to get a lot done in that time.

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Writing Update & Self – Confidence

Hello all!

Writing is still going smoothly which is exactly how I like things.

I’m still making small progress with my YA story a little bit at a time. continuing to see the page count increase a page at a time is really helping out though I still have a lot of work to do.

My side project is also doing well, I have started on it and am making progress on that as well, though it’s taking longer that my YA story. The only issue I have with it is that the story is very fluid compared to my other project. There’s no massive plan that I have for the story, I know the start and that’s it.

I’m making everything else up as I go along.

Now, to talk about a subject that sucks.

Self – Confidence.

As a writer I experience a lot of doubt and lack in self – confidence. I have to constantly remind myself that i am making progress, that my writing is better than what it was when I started. Even looking back at my two previous manuscripts, I can see the changes and improvements but I still have issues.

Another problem that sucks is WordPress.

I first started blogging on here in an attempt that maybe I could start a small following and start to build an audience for my writing. I’ve had great days on here where I’ve had a lot of views, a lot of likes and I’ve recently hit 20 followers.

It’s a small milestone but still feels good.

And then there are days like yesterday where I make a post and it doesn’t to anything.

No Views.

No Likes.

No Visitors.

There could be a thousand reasons for why this happened; Posted at wrong time, Posted on wrong day, Used a bad picture, Nobody saw the post, Bad title, or one of a hundred other reasons.

I know I shouldn’t worry about it but at the exact same time, if I start posting a story on here and nobody’s viewing it then I’m not accomplishing what I’ve set out to do, I would be wasting my time while at the same time feeling like my writing is even worse than I already feel it is.

It’s just not a good feeling I wish I could get rid of.

Maybe today will be better.

But I never know.

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A Peak into How to Survive at the End of the World & Writing Update

I’m still here, thankfully.

So, my intentions for today are to give a little bit of an update into my current projects since I haven’t really done that in a while, including a little bit of information about the project I will be posting on here.

First, let’s start with my YA Fantasy project.

I feel completely comfortable informing everyone that I have finally come up with a series name and book title that I don’t hate and it only took me three re – writes and a couple years to get to it.

The Cailean Chronicles; The Lost Child (Tentative)

I’m 55 pages into this third re – write and the last few days have been particularly good with actually progress being made instead of me staring at the page wondering why I even bother. I’ve already planned everything out in terms of the first book but I have to put pen to paper and make everything work. It’s an ongoing process but I hope to be able to sell it starting in 2018.

But then again I was hoping to start selling the first version of the story in 2016.

We will see what happens.

Now, for my blog story How to Survive at the End of the World.

The story is set post Apocalypse with most of the population being wiped out by something that our main protagonist is unfamiliar with. We follow are main protagonist as he attempts to survive at the end of the world. Early in our story our protagonist comes across a hellish scene (I’ll save most the details for the story) but he does come across a small book entitled How to Survive at the End of the World in which is filled with nothing expect a single bloody thumb print on the front page.

Then the madness really begins.

As I stated yesterday, this will be a fun project with no real intent other than to practice writing and continue to improve and grow as an inspiring author. I’ve already started working on it and look forward to posting it when the time comes.

In other news our furniture came today, so now we have something to sit on in the living room other than the floor. Me and my wife are very excited to have our own little slice of heaven coming together.

See you all tomorrow!

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It’s been a while

I’m back.

Or at least I will be.

I plan on making my return to WordPress in an attempt to accomplish the goal I had set out earlier in the year.

I haven’t accomplished a lot in terms of writing since my departure. Though I’m slowly getting back to the point I’d like to be.

I’ve recently moved into a new place with my wife, first time being out of the house, and my job is currently transitioning from one place to another, which means I’ll be swamped until June 11th.

So, the plan going forward for me is continue writing (Duh!) but it’s expanded a little bit.

Mark Dawson’s self – publishing class went live yesterday and I intended to sign up and take it but I find myself in a situation where I have nothing ready to sell or even an audience to sell to yet.

So, I am taking a step back and forward at the same time, delaying my taking of the class until 2018. I hate it but it’s smart given my situation.

I am (still) continuing work on my YA Fantasy story, it’s going well, except for the typical self – doubt crap every writer goes through.

I am also planning a story that I will post on here called; How to Survive at the End of the World. It’s a project that I’ve had planned for a while but haven’t followed through. My intention is to post a section/chapter/part/whatever-you-want-to-call-it a week. It will be rough, mostly unedited story (Probably R rated) that will help me work on something other than my other story.

It will be enjoyable and allow me to write without really trying market myself or sell anything, just pure straightforward writing.

The posts will start flowing on that subject around June 11th when my new schedule starts and I have more free time available to write and study.

I’ve also had another story idea (more like several) that I really enjoy but have run into world building/planning issues. My biggest problem is weather I should start at the beginning and create the story as another YA Fantasy (Which is my chosen market) or start later in the story with a more Adult Fantasy novel. Both work and I’m excited about it but I haven’t gotten all the parts down yet.

Looking forward to resuming this journey, hopefully I’ll be able to post Part One by next Saturday.

See you all tomorrow.

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Writing Update & Day 1

Things are going very well in my little corner of the earth.

First, writing is going very well. Completed the chapter that I’ve been stuck on for forever. This wasn’t due to me not knowing how to continue it was more of I started the chapter, then I got married and went on my honeymoon and didn’t have time to finish it but moving a few pages a day follows my initial goal I set out for myself when I started this manuscript.

I’m also set to print out what I have and give to my editor to look over. I told her to be brutally honest with me to the point where I should be crying at the end of her review.

She responded with, “Would I do anything else?”

She’s great.

Second, It’s day one of the new workout and diet regiment. Just completed my workout, may have overdone it but my style usually involves throwing myself to the wolves. Feeling pretty good about things but I’m only 9 and a half hours into this plan.

I have a long way to go.

Third, I have started streaming again @, I’m not sure how many people actually actively follow streaming but I had a few test runs yesterday that worked to perfection. Was able to talk to people and connect with a few others. Streaming and playing video games in general is a huge stress relief for me and allows my mind to clear. I have set aside 28 hours a week to stream.

I know that sounds like a lot but my schedule is clear for it and doesn’t take anyway any of the time I set aside for writing.

I can do everything I want, the only thing I’m losing is sleep but I’m not to worried about that.

Also, small rant incoming, I got a new phone yesterday and while I do love it, I have reinstalled Pokemon Go to find out that the e-mail I used doesn’t work anymore.

I had to restart my progress on Pokemon Go

I’m less than thrilled about it.

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Writing & Life Update

It’s been a while since my last post. So, I’ve got a bit of information to release to get up caught up on every thing.

First, writing is going well. I’ve been able to write the last few days and have continued progress on my YA story. Though it’s only a few pages each day, I’ll take it. Some progress is better than no progress.

Also, I’ve been thinking for a while on what I was going to do when the time came to finally advance my finished manuscript. I’ve bounced back and forth between self ¬†publishing and attempting to acquire an agent and at the end of the day I’ve decided to go with self – publishing.

I’ll be taking Mark Dawson’s self – publishing course sometime in the next year. Hopefully I’ll learn some tricks and what not about how to market myself better.

However, this is all looking long term. I still need to finish this manuscript but as I’ve stated a few times before; I feel really confident about this version of the story. Hopefully, my editor does as well. I would love to keep moving forward instead of constantly re – writing.

Second, my new wife and I are currently in the process of adulting ourselves. So, were looking for a place to move to. Got a few spots we like but nothing’s been official yet but when the time comes for moving, I’ll be AWOL for a few days.

Third, there is a chance I may be going back to school. Normally, this isn’t an issue. I started and finished the first manuscript while in my last two semesters of college but now I’m looking at a Master’s program. So, I may be heaved into heavy amounts of writing and research that may take away time from story telling.

Once again, this is something I’m looking down the road at. As much as I’d love to go back this fall, I may not be able to until Spring 18 or even Fall 18.

Last, and this is just for me, I’ve started reaching an unhealthy weight that I am not happy about. I use to weigh between 170 & 190, which was a good range for me but now find myself closer to 240 and not in a good way.

So, I’ll be starting a workout schedule looking to bounce my weight back under the 200’s. I may be posting about that every once in a while as well.

Could be fun!

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Way to Early in the Morning Post

Morning, it is 4:30 AM.

That’s way to early in the morning for me to be up. Yet, here I am. I don’t have any update on my YA story (Yet) but this is do to a lack of chance on working on it. I do have the next couple of days, where I plan on diving deep into the story but haven’t done it.

This is because I plan on going back to sleep.

God, do I need sleep right now.

I know I said yesterday that I was going to drink a bit today. I may have back tracked on that. It’s not that I don’t want to drink, I may enjoy a few drinks but I don’t want to get wasted. I’d rather keep a clear head today while doing my thing.

So, a quick list of things going on/things working on:

1.) My YA story (As stated before, I would love to share small bits and pieces but haven’t begun my usual process of editing)

2.) Short stories (I have written a few in the past but have never shared or revealed them. I do intend on putting work into this department as it give’s a break from the usual gruel of my YA story)

3.) Simulations (This has always been a hobby of mine and while I may not post them, I do intend on doing these every once in a while. I gives me a secondary activity to focus on that helps my brain recharge.)

These are just a few of the things I’m currently working on, besides blogging. I will probably have another post later in the day. So, keep a lookout for that.

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It’s Been a While Part 2.

I know it’s been a while, again.

I think I’ve found a happy median for posting blogs, something that will keep me posting blogs but at a more relaxed pace instead of trying to pump a new post every freaking day.

Instead, I’ll be submitting a post ever once in a while, when I feel like I can actually post something interesting.

I think this will be a better way, for me, going forward.

Now, to the writing.

I don’t know how others manage to do this so quickly while working full time. I feel like George R.R. Martin with the pace I’m working with.

My YA Fantasy novel is going along great and I’m making progress in multiple areas. Story, characters, planning, etc . . . I also know that I will be re – writing the story once it is complete. This is something I know I have to do but this time the story won’t change as it did the previous three.

It doesn’t feel like it sometimes but I know I’m getting close to publishing/submitting to agents.

My other two stories are currently at a standstill. Not sure if I’ll ever get around to them since my focus is so high on my YA fantasy.

However, I do have a story idea I want to write, it’s another one that I’m reforming from past stories but it requires a lot of planning on my part and will take a while. It also might be a story I post in sections on here.

I do intent to post a story on here, in sections, I just haven’t made it yet. I’ll eventually get to it.

I’ve also decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this upcoming November. It won’t be anything spectacular and I will only be participating for the experience factor (I plan on having YA Fantasy book done by there, so I can focus on something new) but If I can stand proudly by my story then I’ll release it for free on Amazon.

Also, more of a personnel update on the workout side of things. My highest unofficial weigh in was around 240 pounds. I had a weigh in today and discovered I’m currently at 203 pounds.

I haven’t been this low in weight in 5 or 6 years.

I’ve been enjoying it.

I’ll be posting again at some point in the next couple weeks.

See y’all then.

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Writing Update and Working Out

Alright So I don’t have a massive writing update unfortunately. Last night was my first of three days off a.k.a. my writing time but I had an unfortunate incident happen in the middle of my starting to write.

I had a weak writer moment.

For me, it’s simple, my mind immediately goes to; “Why are you bothering with this? You’re the worst writer in the world. No one will ever read or like this, delete it now!”

When I have moments like this, I step away. I’ve attempted writing through moments like this and found it to some of my worst writing to date. So, it’s just better to take a step back and find something to do to relax and take the edge off.

I’m also going to start posting my inclusive writing updates including word count, chapter and maybe a little bit of what I’m working on. This will start tomorrow.

I’m also no longer going to post on the weekends, so I’ll only post Monday thru Friday around this time or a little bit later.

Also starting my second week on my workout plan. I’ll be expanding and playing with it over the next couple weeks. Including adding weight lifting and running into the mix either next week or the week after. I got my week 2 weigh in’s done this morning and got some good results back.

I’m right on track.

See you tomorrow.

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Life as an Aspiring Author is Great

Weird post from me on this one.

Usually provide a writing update and while I will touch on that at the end, for now I’m going to talk about a few things in life that I’ve experienced recently with so many changes happening in my life at once.

With changing job location and schedule, moving from Swing shift to Overnight and also only working four days a week instead of five on top of moving out of my parents place for the first time in my life but also finally working out again as well as my continued aspirations of writing, which is steadily improving day by day.

I’m a bit more stressed then I have ever been, yet I’m also the happiest I’ve ever been because everything finally seems to be going right. It’s weird to feel that nothing could go wrong, though I do know better.

Things just feel perfect right now and I’m enjoying it.

Now, on the subject of jobs. I have recently applied for one my chosen careers that I am qualified to work though it’s in another area, which could be a problem later but not now. I have applied to be a police officer for the Denver Police Department, its a ten month process but it’s the closest option I have right now. Though there are rumors that Omaha and Kansas City might start hiring soon as well.

I remain hopeful because this is the job I want in the long run.

On to writing. I don’t have an update yet but I was thinking about posting a chapter/word count update with each post to give y’all a minor insight into what I’m doing at the moment.

It would also be cool to see my progress from a day to day standpoint instead of looking at the page count, which I often do.

I’ll probably be starting that Monday, for now I need to get some sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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Blog, Working out & Writing

Post is a little later than I like but this will be typical time on Fridays and Saturdays due to my schedule, I don’t expect the hour difference to matter much but wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong.

I’ve also recently (Monday) started working out again and every time I do, I question why in the hell is stopped in the first place. Back in high school I would work out two times a day, eat what ever I want and still weigh in at a lean 180/190 but that was when I was 16 – 18. I’m now 24, I haven’t worked out consistently since early college and I weigh in at a unhealthy 230. Now, I’m not obese by any means, I look thin in pictures and a lot of my co – workers call me a skinny boy but compared to what I use to be at and how I wanted to be and given my love for working out, I’ve decided to jump back into it.

Everything is going well so far, just a little more tired than I already am.

Another thing that working out does for me is allow me to think/plan/explore my story’s to their full potential. I can easily spend an hour workout lost in the worlds I’ve built trying to figure things out.

Just another positive I can add to the list.

So, yesterday my wife and I sat down at one of our favorite dinning steakhouses (Longhorn) and had a talk about my writing. As I have mentioned before, my wife is my first editor and helper and gives me opinions and options with my stories as well as give and outside perspective. Now, I’ve never really had a story that’s ‘taken off’ on her. It’s not that she doesn’t like what I’m writing but her reading choices are usually opposite of what I write.

However, project #3 is one of my first winners with her. Even giving her a basic description of what my plan was and what my world included had her head over heels. She informed me that I needed to finish it as soon as possible because she was eager to read it.

It’s a small thing but it’s still good to hear.

Now, I just gotta keep focusing on my writing and hit my goals.

See you tomorrow.

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Short Stories & Work

Today was my first day working my new shift.

I thought I was going to hate everything about it but am finding myself in a pleasant mood as the changes weren’t as bad as I thought. While working a 12 shift sucks, having a 12 hour shift and then coming home feeling accomplished and happy is something I thought would never happen and it has.

While I’m not where I want to be work wise, I can take minor solace in the fact that work is at least bearable for the time being.

Short Stories.

They are the death of me.

When I first started posting, way back in February, March and April. I mentioned that I would be working on short stories that I could potentially post and/or publish. Their great ways to give readers and insight to your writing while at the same time gain a fan or two.

And it’s the one thing I can’t seem to do.

I don’t know why it is but I can’t seem to make a short story that isn’t attached to a larger piece or work.

Maybe i’m cursed.

Or maybe I’m just not meant to write short stories.

Which sucks.

Now, that I am in the grind of work, writing will be on the back burner a little bit. I will still continue to write but I’m not going to have the amount of time to dedicate like I did during my days off.

Will continue to look for free time to pursue my passion.

See you tomorrow.

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Writing Update 6/14/2017

I told you yesterday that I would post it today, so here it is, an update on everything I’ve done with writing over the last few months since I’ve been away. (Most of these have been rather recent developments, not something I did a while ago)

So, I’m not going to give out any of my project names (I did that in a previous post, can still be found before I take it down tomorrow), so I’m just going to call them Project #1, Project #2 & Project #3.

Project #1 is my YA Fantasy novel that I’m ecstatic about and while I have made progress on it, it is still slow moving with a couple pages being written when I get the chance. I am still enjoying this piece (I should since I’ve spent over two years on the damn thing) but I’ve needed other projects to give me something to work on when I become stuck. This is still my baby and the one I plan on pressing hard for but for the exact same reasons I am taking my time with it to ensure that I deliver the best product to my readers, which again, takes time (A lot of freaking time).

Project #2 is my Zombie horror novel that I created out of fun. I am a huge zombie nerd and have always wanted to do something with zombie’s but could never formulate the right idea (My very first written story involved zombies). However, I feel that I have stumbled across something fun that I can work with & on while. This isn’t a very serious novel and by that I mean that I want to have a lot of fun with it, making it feel more real because the people inside the book aren’t robots but are people who you could see deal with certain situations. I haven’t gotten very far with this but am making progress in terms of planning everything out.

Finally, Project #3 was created two nights ago, I have talked about it before but could never figure out a way to make the story work. So, I made the characters older but still put them in a range that I liked surrounded them with the world I created and BOOM! I have myself a Fantasy novel. This is another one that I am having fun with but am taking more seriously due to the potential of a series that I have planned in the back of my mind. I’m currently working my way through the characters introductions, which is the only hard part since I’m only trying to give small bits of information away while also telling the reader enough about them.

So, these are the three stories I am currently working on and having fun with. Everyone once in a while I’ll post an update about how something is going or may even post a rough unedited section or piece but no promises, the response yesterday was amazing and I saw a lot of names I haven’t seen in a while, and to be honest, it felt good. So, hopefully I can keep the train moving and continue to see positive responses.

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow.

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Writing Update

So, here we are.

I’m working a new schedule, I have a new sleep schedule, new writing schedule and a new blog post schedule.

Now, here is the thing about the blogging. I am an active member of a group of aspiring or already made self – publishing authors. Thanks to this groups I have a wealth of information at my fingertips that is only a click away, if needed. Recently one of the posters mentioned blogging and I noticed a trend for a lot of aspiring or recently made authors (such as myself) is that blogging doesn’t work.

There, I said it.

This might be a giant waste of my time that won’t accomplish the goals I’m aiming for.

I’m fine with that but if that’s the case then what am I doing here?

So, I’ve come to a conclusion.

I’m going to keep posting on here, everyday around 8:30 – 10:00 AM (Central time) and see what happens.

If I get a lot of views and I feel like I can potentially do something with this site then I will stay here and continue blogging but if not, then I’m gone. I wrap up the blogging with a goodbye posting thanking everyone one who has checked out the rambles of an aspiring author and I focus my intentions elsewhere.

I have no hard feelings but this is the way that it need’s to be.

Now, I titled this a writing update and that’s exactly what I’m going to give you.

I am now currently working on three manuscripts and unlike previous attempts at this I know where each of the stories are going. I will provide a more through information dump tomorrow after I play around with the stories more but in order to see that you’ll have to come back tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll see you there.