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Writing Update and Working Out

Alright So I don’t have a massive writing update unfortunately. Last night was my first of three days off a.k.a. my writing time but I had an unfortunate incident happen in the middle of my starting to write.

I had a weak writer moment.

For me, it’s simple, my mind immediately goes to; “Why are you bothering with this? You’re the worst writer in the world. No one will ever read or like this, delete it now!”

When I have moments like this, I step away. I’ve attempted writing through moments like this and found it to some of my worst writing to date. So, it’s just better to take a step back and find something to do to relax and take the edge off.

I’m also going to start posting my inclusive writing updates including word count, chapter and maybe a little bit of what I’m working on. This will start tomorrow.

I’m also no longer going to post on the weekends, so I’ll only post Monday thru Friday around this time or a little bit later.

Also starting my second week on my workout plan. I’ll be expanding and playing with it over the next couple weeks. Including adding weight lifting and running into the mix either next week or the week after. I got my week 2 weigh in’s done this morning and got some good results back.

I’m right on track.

See you tomorrow.


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