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Life as an Aspiring Author is Great

Weird post from me on this one.

Usually provide a writing update and while I will touch on that at the end, for now I’m going to talk about a few things in life that I’ve experienced recently with so many changes happening in my life at once.

With changing job location and schedule, moving from Swing shift to Overnight and also only working four days a week instead of five on top of moving out of my parents place for the first time in my life but also finally working out again as well as my continued aspirations of writing, which is steadily improving day by day.

I’m a bit more stressed then I have ever been, yet I’m also the happiest I’ve ever been because everything finally seems to be going right. It’s weird to feel that nothing could go wrong, though I do know better.

Things just feel perfect right now and I’m enjoying it.

Now, on the subject of jobs. I have recently applied for one my chosen careers that I am qualified to work though it’s in another area, which could be a problem later but not now. I have applied to be a police officer for the Denver Police Department, its a ten month process but it’s the closest option I have right now. Though there are rumors that Omaha and Kansas City might start hiring soon as well.

I remain hopeful because this is the job I want in the long run.

On to writing. I don’t have an update yet but I was thinking about posting a chapter/word count update with each post to give y’all a minor insight into what I’m doing at the moment.

It would also be cool to see my progress from a day to day standpoint instead of looking at the page count, which I often do.

I’ll probably be starting that Monday, for now I need to get some sleep.

See you tomorrow.


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