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Post is a little later than I like but this will be typical time on Fridays and Saturdays due to my schedule, I don’t expect the hour difference to matter much but wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong.

I’ve also recently (Monday) started working out again and every time I do, I question why in the hell is stopped in the first place. Back in high school I would work out two times a day, eat what ever I want and still weigh in at a lean 180/190 but that was when I was 16 – 18. I’m now 24, I haven’t worked out consistently since early college and I weigh in at a unhealthy 230. Now, I’m not obese by any means, I look thin in pictures and a lot of my co – workers call me a skinny boy but compared to what I use to be at and how I wanted to be and given my love for working out, I’ve decided to jump back into it.

Everything is going well so far, just a little more tired than I already am.

Another thing that working out does for me is allow me to think/plan/explore my story’s to their full potential. I can easily spend an hour workout lost in the worlds I’ve built trying to figure things out.

Just another positive I can add to the list.

So, yesterday my wife and I sat down at one of our favorite dinning steakhouses (Longhorn) and had a talk about my writing. As I have mentioned before, my wife is my first editor and helper and gives me opinions and options with my stories as well as give and outside perspective. Now, I’ve never really had a story that’s ‘taken off’ on her. It’s not that she doesn’t like what I’m writing but her reading choices are usually opposite of what I write.

However, project #3 is one of my first winners with her. Even giving her a basic description of what my plan was and what my world included had her head over heels. She informed me that I needed to finish it as soon as possible because she was eager to read it.

It’s a small thing but it’s still good to hear.

Now, I just gotta keep focusing on my writing and hit my goals.

See you tomorrow.


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