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Writing Update 6/14/2017

I told you yesterday that I would post it today, so here it is, an update on everything I’ve done with writing over the last few months since I’ve been away. (Most of these have been rather recent developments, not something I did a while ago)

So, I’m not going to give out any of my project names (I did that in a previous post, can still be found before I take it down tomorrow), so I’m just going to call them Project #1, Project #2 & Project #3.

Project #1 is my YA Fantasy novel that I’m ecstatic about and while I have made progress on it, it is still slow moving with a couple pages being written when I get the chance. I am still enjoying this piece (I should since I’ve spent over two years on the damn thing) but I’ve needed other projects to give me something to work on when I become stuck. This is still my baby and the one I plan on pressing hard for but for the exact same reasons I am taking my time with it to ensure that I deliver the best product to my readers, which again, takes time (A lot of freaking time).

Project #2 is my Zombie horror novel that I created out of fun. I am a huge zombie nerd and have always wanted to do something with zombie’s but could never formulate the right idea (My very first written story involved zombies). However, I feel that I have stumbled across something fun that I can work with & on while. This isn’t a very serious novel and by that I mean that I want to have a lot of fun with it, making it feel more real because the people inside the book aren’t robots but are people who you could see deal with certain situations. I haven’t gotten very far with this but am making progress in terms of planning everything out.

Finally, Project #3 was created two nights ago, I have talked about it before but could never figure out a way to make the story work. So, I made the characters older but still put them in a range that I liked surrounded them with the world I created and BOOM! I have myself a Fantasy novel. This is another one that I am having fun with but am taking more seriously due to the potential of a series that I have planned in the back of my mind. I’m currently working my way through the characters introductions, which is the only hard part since I’m only trying to give small bits of information away while also telling the reader enough about them.

So, these are the three stories I am currently working on and having fun with. Everyone once in a while I’ll post an update about how something is going or may even post a rough unedited section or piece but no promises, the response yesterday was amazing and I saw a lot of names I haven’t seen in a while, and to be honest, it felt good. So, hopefully I can keep the train moving and continue to see positive responses.

Thanks for reading,
See you tomorrow.


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