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Survived Hell Week

I survived.

Working 8 straight days of security, collecting a lot of overtime but also not having any time to really relax and recuperate has left me exhausted.

But i’m on to new things.

New work assignment, new work schedule and a three day weekend to celebrate moving onto my new work journey.

I don’t work again until 7 pm Wednesday night (Central Time).

So, over the next few days I will continue the work on the three previous stories mentioned in another post, I will also attempt to continue posting here on WordPress, though I do not know what time yet. I like to post at a consistent time and have found success in the past doing it that way.

At the moment it looks like the time will be between 730 AM and 10 AM but once I get use to this new schedule, things will get a ton easier.

So, for now, I press on with my stories. Two of which I am writing, The other I am planning (This one will take a while to plan since the story is so expansive).

I said previously that I wanted to post a story on here but I’m not a hundred percent sure at the moment.

I could post it on here but I may reach a bigger audience if I self – publish it for free, which is what I intended with the story and why I wanted to post it on here but I don’t know.

Look out for future updates on writing, due to the new schedule I can’t go asleep until at least 8 AM tomorrow, that’s currently a little more than twenty hours to write.

I’m going to get a lot done in that time.


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