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Writing Update & Self – Confidence

Hello all!

Writing is still going smoothly which is exactly how I like things.

I’m still making small progress with my YA story a little bit at a time. continuing to see the page count increase a page at a time is really helping out though I still have a lot of work to do.

My side project is also doing well, I have started on it and am making progress on that as well, though it’s taking longer that my YA story. The only issue I have with it is that the story is very fluid compared to my other project. There’s no massive plan that I have for the story, I know the start and that’s it.

I’m making everything else up as I go along.

Now, to talk about a subject that sucks.

Self – Confidence.

As a writer I experience a lot of doubt and lack in self – confidence. I have to constantly remind myself that i am making progress, that my writing is better than what it was when I started. Even looking back at my two previous manuscripts, I can see the changes and improvements but I still have issues.

Another problem that sucks is WordPress.

I first started blogging on here in an attempt that maybe I could start a small following and start to build an audience for my writing. I’ve had great days on here where I’ve had a lot of views, a lot of likes and I’ve recently hit 20 followers.

It’s a small milestone but still feels good.

And then there are days like yesterday where I make a post and it doesn’t to anything.

No Views.

No Likes.

No Visitors.

There could be a thousand reasons for why this happened; Posted at wrong time, Posted on wrong day, Used a bad picture, Nobody saw the post, Bad title, or one of a hundred other reasons.

I know I shouldn’t worry about it but at the exact same time, if I start posting a story on here and nobody’s viewing it then I’m not accomplishing what I’ve set out to do, I would be wasting my time while at the same time feeling like my writing is even worse than I already feel it is.

It’s just not a good feeling I wish I could get rid of.

Maybe today will be better.

But I never know.


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