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A Peak into How to Survive at the End of the World & Writing Update

I’m still here, thankfully.

So, my intentions for today are to give a little bit of an update into my current projects since I haven’t really done that in a while, including a little bit of information about the project I will be posting on here.

First, let’s start with my YA Fantasy project.

I feel completely comfortable informing everyone that I have finally come up with a series name and book title that I don’t hate and it only took me three re – writes and a couple years to get to it.

The Cailean Chronicles; The Lost Child (Tentative)

I’m 55 pages into this third re – write and the last few days have been particularly good with actually progress being made instead of me staring at the page wondering why I even bother. I’ve already planned everything out in terms of the first book but I have to put pen to paper and make everything work. It’s an ongoing process but I hope to be able to sell it starting in 2018.

But then again I was hoping to start selling the first version of the story in 2016.

We will see what happens.

Now, for my blog story How to Survive at the End of the World.

The story is set post Apocalypse with most of the population being wiped out by something that our main protagonist is unfamiliar with. We follow are main protagonist as he attempts to survive at the end of the world. Early in our story our protagonist comes across a hellish scene (I’ll save most the details for the story) but he does come across a small book entitled How to Survive at the End of the World in which is filled with nothing expect a single bloody thumb print on the front page.

Then the madness really begins.

As I stated yesterday, this will be a fun project with no real intent other than to practice writing and continue to improve and grow as an inspiring author. I’ve already started working on it and look forward to posting it when the time comes.

In other news our furniture came today, so now we have something to sit on in the living room other than the floor. Me and my wife are very excited to have our own little slice of heaven coming together.

See you all tomorrow!


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