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It’s been a while

I’m back.

Or at least I will be.

I plan on making my return to WordPress in an attempt to accomplish the goal I had set out earlier in the year.

I haven’t accomplished a lot in terms of writing since my departure. Though I’m slowly getting back to the point I’d like to be.

I’ve recently moved into a new place with my wife, first time being out of the house, and my job is currently transitioning from one place to another, which means I’ll be swamped until June 11th.

So, the plan going forward for me is continue writing (Duh!) but it’s expanded a little bit.

Mark Dawson’s self – publishing class went live yesterday and I intended to sign up and take it but I find myself in a situation where I have nothing ready to sell or even an audience to sell to yet.

So, I am taking a step back and forward at the same time, delaying my taking of the class until 2018. I hate it but it’s smart given my situation.

I am (still) continuing work on my YA Fantasy story, it’s going well, except for the typical self – doubt crap every writer goes through.

I am also planning a story that I will post on here called; How to Survive at the End of the World. It’s a project that I’ve had planned for a while but haven’t followed through. My intention is to post a section/chapter/part/whatever-you-want-to-call-it a week. It will be rough, mostly unedited story (Probably R rated) that will help me work on something other than my other story.

It will be enjoyable and allow me to write without really trying market myself or sell anything, just pure straightforward writing.

The posts will start flowing on that subject around June 11th when my new schedule starts and I have more free time available to write and study.

I’ve also had another story idea (more like several) that I really enjoy but have run into world building/planning issues. My biggest problem is weather I should start at the beginning and create the story as another YA Fantasy (Which is my chosen market) or start later in the story with a more Adult Fantasy novel. Both work and I’m excited about it but I haven’t gotten all the parts down yet.

Looking forward to resuming this journey, hopefully I’ll be able to post Part One by next Saturday.

See you all tomorrow.


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