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Writing Update & Day 1

Things are going very well in my little corner of the earth.

First, writing is going very well. Completed the chapter that I’ve been stuck on for forever. This wasn’t due to me not knowing how to continue it was more of I started the chapter, then I got married and went on my honeymoon and didn’t have time to finish it but moving a few pages a day follows my initial goal I set out for myself when I started this manuscript.

I’m also set to print out what I have and give to my editor to look over. I told her to be brutally honest with me to the point where I should be crying at the end of her review.

She responded with, “Would I do anything else?”

She’s great.

Second, It’s day one of the new workout and diet regiment. Just completed my workout, may have overdone it but my style usually involves throwing myself to the wolves. Feeling pretty good about things but I’m only 9 and a half hours into this plan.

I have a long way to go.

Third, I have started streaming again @, I’m not sure how many people actually actively follow streaming but I had a few test runs yesterday that worked to perfection. Was able to talk to people and connect with a few others. Streaming and playing video games in general is a huge stress relief for me and allows my mind to clear. I have set aside 28 hours a week to stream.

I know that sounds like a lot but my schedule is clear for it and doesn’t take anyway any of the time I set aside for writing.

I can do everything I want, the only thing I’m losing is sleep but I’m not to worried about that.

Also, small rant incoming, I got a new phone yesterday and while I do love it, I have reinstalled Pokemon Go to find out that the e-mail I used doesn’t work anymore.

I had to restart my progress on Pokemon Go

I’m less than thrilled about it.


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