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Last Day in Denver

It’s our last full day in Denver, we leave tomorrow morning to head back home.

It kind of sucks but only due to the fact that I’ve enjoyed the time off and getting to explore a city I’m not use to. I will miss Denver.

The constant rush hour traffic, getting lost on city streets that I’m not use to, seeing the mountains every time I leave the hotel we’re staying at.

On the other hand, I’ll be happy to be home.

My wife (still feel’s weird to say) and I will start looking for an apartment, our own little piece of heaven.

This post isn’t as long. I don’t have a writing update other than the fact that I’ve gotten to do a lot of thinking about the story an things I want to add or take out. I’ve also been thinking about other story ideas and short stories.

I’ll be writing again real soon.

Each post will now be joined by a picture than I or my wife have taken on our honeymoon in Denver. We took a lot of awesome pictures.


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