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Planning for my weekend


Alright, so the last few days I’ve been planning to make a post but just never got around to it. So, this is a couple days late but here we go.

Done with overtime shifts, not going to work anymore until April, and even then it may not happen. 

I’ve been using work time wisely. Getting characters info pinned down and plotting along the lines of the first book. Feeling more confident with each passing day but I still need to get the first book finished and I’m maybe 5 to 10 percent into the story.

But other than that I’m feeling confident in what I’ve written and look forward to the completion of this project. I still need to write some short stories but haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

Look for those in the future.

Tomorrow is my drinking and writing day. Really looking forward to it.

I’ll have another post or two tomorrow. One giving another update on how my YA story is progressing or even a short story I have started working on, I do have a couple ideas.

My other post is another rant type but I may save that for later.


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