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YA Story Update

Hello once again to another later than usual post but this may become the new norm.

I know in my last post thay I mentioned that I kept thinking to far ahead in my story. While I do need to focus mainly on my current manuscript so thay I can get it published, I have started to embrace my ‘down the line’ thoughts and ideas.

From now on I will write everything down in my writing notebook that way I never lose my ideas for the future.

I hope one day I can share them with the word but I need to keep working hard on finishing and perfecting my current manuscript.

Now for an update on that, back to making solid progress on that. Writing a fee pages each day for the past couple of days. With each completed page I feel more and more confident about my progress.

I’m happy about the direction I’m headed and feel like this is the right direction to go.

I’m hopeful that I can keep making positive strives and will be printing out a section of it for editing in the near future. 


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