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I really suck at this daily blog thing.

Sorry for the long gap between posts but I’ve been pulling overtime shifts at my job and haven’t had the amount of time I’ve wanted to work on my story.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it at all.

While I may not have gotten any chance to write on my hard copy, I have gotten the the chance to work on dialog between characters.

I’ve also had the chance to daydream, not the best thing for security, but it’s helped me see and understand what I want to do.

I work a twleve hour shift again today, more overtime yay, but I have the next two days offs to work on my story. 

I’ve also decided to print out what I have and let me fiancé/amazing editor see it and give me her first impressions. 

I meant to do this forever go but wanted to get more done.

My time management skills really suck.


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