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Writing, Future Plans & Football

It’s good to be back on the wagon.

So, writing is still going well. Though, I’m not where I want to be. I need to finish my railroad, which should be done at the end of the day and focus my time on filling the pages on my computer. Got some good work in yesterday but I need to press on and keep the pace.

Now that I have a blog and I’m posting something every day I’ve been trying to figure out other projects that I can do on here. While I still intend, at some point, to post some short stories on here. I may have another series of posts that I could make on here.

I love simulations.

And by simulations I mean like games where I have no control but I set everything up. This is especially true for sports games.

I have multiple word documents of where I use a simulation engine and re – play some sports seasons that have already happened. My favorite is going back and putting a modern twist on the playoffs and replaying each season for the 4 major American sports; NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.

Before, I’ve always kept these private with the intention of someday releasing them but there may be a small market available for it here and if it receives positive reviews once posted, I would love to share it with the world.

Keep a lookout for a post that I will make where I will further explain how everything works.

Also, had my first coaches meeting yesterday with my team. The season doesn’t start until July but I feel really positive about the direction were heading going into our third season with the program.


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