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First Class Tickets on the Struggle Bus

It’s been a while.

Hell one and all once again, I should be returning to my rotation of posting one a day Thursday – Tuesday. I will admit that I did miss making blog posts but I was in a funk and didn’t have anything really to say.

It was a cruddy funk.

But, I’m actively trying to put it behind me, despite my current lack of sleep (a very frustrating issue I have to deal with more than I like) and return to a more mellow and happier place.

I haven’t given a writing update in a while and am happy to announce that most of the planning has been etched out and jotted down on notepads. I have a railroad that I intend to follow that is completed from A to W/X.

I still have a few parts that I need to figure out after the climax but I have an idea and direction I’m happy to go in.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before; my railroad planning can easily, at any point, be thrown into chaos by a character acting in a direction that better suits his personality (This has happened before). While these are usually easy to adjust to this third manuscript is a little bit different, allow me to explain why.

My YA story started out from the duo perspective of a pair of twins. My second re – write was told from the twins perspective as well but added a third essential character that played a prominent role in the first and second manuscript.

The stories followed a very similar path, any changes were easy to make since I already had the ground work established. There were still a few surprising additions that I added in but it all worked out.

But this re – write is completely different.

The story is now being told from the Third characters perspective and only his. The story also starts earlier than I originally planned and all the characters got jumbled up. This re – write is nothing like the other two because it’s not the same story.

It’s a totally new one.

I would love to dive deeper into it and maybe I can one day but for now I like to keep everything under wraps. At least until I get a more solid footing on this story.


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