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Writing Update

I’ve sobered up a lot. This was the most I’ve ever drinking at one time and I paid the price for it. We shall leave it at that and move onto better things.

I did get some writing done yesterday before I started drinking. Going to spend the rest of the day editing through my work and making necessary changes and improvements. I’m really happy with it so far and hopefully this can be the manuscript I try to sell.

I’m back at work today.

Usually not busy on the weekends. Which will give me a chance to get some minor work done during select moments. So, hopefully I can either keep planning out my story and making mental changes or get a rough outline for a story I can post on here.

Things are moving at a good pace.

I’m pretty happy with that.

Though it’d be nice if Crystal Palace could hold onto this game. It’s currently 1 – 0 in favor of Palace.

Please don’t blow it again Palace.


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