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Drinking & Writing

A winning combination any author can agree with.

I’m posting earlier than normal, 7 in the morning my time, due wanting to post before I start drinking. I may end up posting later after I get a few drinks in me, I don’t know I can be a weird drunk.

Now, I know I’ve talked about drinking in my last few posts. I’m going to clarify a little bit about C.C. Asleson and drinking.

I’m not much of a drinker. I will have a drink once every two to four months and that is fine by me. On a special occasion I will drink as well, such as holidays or a day with the family but I never over due it.

I will rarely drink in public, I’m a private drinker and like to keep it that way. What I mean by that is I’m drinking in the haven of my home. I will not venture outside, I will not leave the confides of my room or bathroom.

Now, my drink of choice is Vodka.

I know weird but it gets weirder.

Because it turns out that I hate every other type of alcoholic beverage. I have tried multiple other drinks to find something I enjoy and have so far failed at every attempt.

Vodka appears to be my drink of choice.

I’m fine with this, not being much of a drinker, it doesn’t bother me to much.

I will be attempting to write at some point today. Hopefully, hammering away at a few more pages that I can be happy with for my story or potentially writing a short story for the blog. I haven’t decided yet but you’ll find out tomorrow.


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