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Thank God it’s Friday

Okay, so it’s not exactly Friday but it is for me.

Having the next two days off is awesome. Though I wish it was actually going to be the weekend, i’m looking forward to get away from work for a little bit. I’ve started working overtime shifts and I’m pretty drained.

On to more exciting things.

I’ve been waiting patiently since January for my youth football organization to have their coaches meeting. We were suppose to have it a few weeks ago and found out last night that our league is still trying to resolve a few issues. This could be seen as good or bad but I won’t know until late March or early April.

That’s a slight bummer since this is our first year where we can hold off season workouts and I can’t start planning until after the coaches meet.

Either way, looking forward to the coming season that will kick off Late July.

Writing is still going well, though I have a lot of editing to do. Everything is planned through fourteen chapters but I still need to put everything on paper.

That’s why I love a weekend.

This weekend will give me plenty of time to write, edit, play some video games, and plan for upcoming football season. I also have a date night Thursday and plan on drinking all day Friday.

I haven’t had a drink in a few months and am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the entire day as a lazy bum.

Looking forward to my weekend but have one pesky shift to get through.


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