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Update and Other Adventures

This will probably be a short post.

There isn’t a lot going on at the moment on my end of the stick. Currently going through the process of railroading my story. I’m not a huge pan of this process, though I do it for every story. I prefer to write and let my characters make the decision, anything I plan out could be immediately destroyed by a character going a way I didn’t expect.

A part form that, I’m still writing a page or two each day and editing every time I get a chance. My fiance is eagerly waiting to read it (YAY!) but I’m not as far as I expected (BOO!)

Still looking into different things I can do for the blog. May considering writing a short story every once in a while and posting it on here. There are plenty of writing prompts to work with to make this possible.

Look out for a few of those, in the hopefully, near future.



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