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Hello World!

In this blog post I’m going to talk about the various going on in my world or at least those that I’m paying attention to.

As I stated before I work full time as a security officer. I’ve been doing this since November and I’ve been enjoying it. Yesterday, was my Monday and I really hate Mondays. Yet, it was the least stressed I’ve felt in my job since I started my training. Despite still having to deal with various individuals who have a stick up their butt, we actually had multiple officers on duty that could respond to various incidents.

There is nothing worse than responding to an incident, by yourself, where you have to deal with a Meth OD 350 pound male. Happens all the time and it is infuriating. Yet, things are still good.

Moving on to sports.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned at some point that I’m an avid sports fan, following most sports (Sorry Cricket). I’m stocked that starting in March all my professional squads will be in competition except for one whose season ended earlier this month.

While my Premier League squad is struggling to find go results, my NHL and NBA squads have been performing at or above expectations.

It is a truly great feeling knowing that every night I have one of my teams participating in a game. I can follow the action and see how everyone is doing.

Though I’m still awaiting my first championship, I have faith that I won’t be waiting much longer.

Back to writing.

My story is coming along pretty well (at least in my opinion). Striving for more progress each and every day. Still writing a couple pages each day. I still intend to, eventually, post a chapter or two here or there or even post information about characters or groups involved in my story world.

I’m just waiting to get more followers.

I have hope. Yesterday was my best day with the daily blog. I received views and likes into the night. Reaching double digits for the first time. It’s a small milestone but we have to start somewhere.

To me this is a great start.


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