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Starting a 30 Day Challenge!

Hello World!

Looking through the stats from the past couple days, I’ve realized that my blog posts have been read in varies countries besides my own. I honestly didn’t expect that to be the result of this blog but find it amazing nonetheless. From now own I’ll be saying hello to those of you from various corners of the world. I’ve also made it my personnel challenge to have at least one view from every country.

Should be fun.

Now, a quick update before I get to the first of potentially hundred of challenges I will write about over the next year. GMS still hasn’t approved my article, no big deal, I’ll just rattle off my other articles over the next couple days but I’m hoping to hear back from them soon so I can keep all my articles in order and polished.

My story has been paused for now, I may write a bit later but currently finding myself in the treads of writer’s block. This is very unusual for me. Even through 700 pages of writing I had never experienced writer’s block but I knew it would happen sometime. I do feel that this re-write is heading in the right direction and hopefully over the next few days I can continuing making strides on it.

Moving onto the first challenge. I have saved 4 different versions of the 30 day challenges and I will be mixing them into my blog at least once a day. If you have any questions that you would like me to write about, please feel free to leave a comment and I will mix them into the list as well.

Challenge Day #1
Your current relationship status, if single discuss how single life is

I am fortunate to find myself happily engaged and due to be married March 2017. I have been with my future wife for almost seven years. I consider myself very lucky to be with her, considering that during my Middle and High school years I often thought that I wasn’t ever going to find someone who would want to spend their life with me. Nonetheless I have been fortunate enough to find someone I love and can’t wait to spend every living second of my life annoying.

That is it for today. After I get off work tonight I will have the next couple of days off so I will try my best to get a lot of things done. Articles submitted, writing more for my story, maybe having an additional blog post about some random subject. Who knows?


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